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07. August 2019
Performance parameters of pumps

Mainly flow and head, in addition to shaft power, speed and necessary cavitation allowance. Flow refers to the amount of liquid output through the outlet of the pump in a unit time, generally using volume flow; head is the energy increment from the inlet to the outlet of the pump conveying liquid pe

10. August 2019
Selection Principles of Pumps

1. Make the type and performance of the selected pump meet the requirements of process parameters such as flow rate, head, pressure, temperature, cavitation flow rate and suction distance of the device.2. Medium properties must be met.For pumps transporting inflammable, explosive, toxic or precious

25. March 2020
R F K S Series Industrial Bevel Helical Gear Motor

Basic InformationCertification: CE\ISO9001Origin: ChinaHS Code: 84834090Package: plywood caseProduct Description1.R series helical gear motor2.F series parallel shaft helical gear motor3.K series helical bevel gear motor4.S Series helical- worm gear motor If you are looking for motors and gearboxes,

12. August 2019
Selection Principle and Basic Conditions of Pump

According to the principle of pump type selection and the basic conditions of pump type selection, the specific operation is as follows:1. According to the layout of the device, topographic conditions, water level conditions and operation conditions, the horizontal, vertical and other types of pumps

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20. August 2019
Design of Gear Box

Compared with other industrial gearboxes, because the wind power gearbox is installed in a narrow cabin several tens or even more than one hundred meters above the ground, its volume and weight have an important impact on the cabin, tower, foundation, wind load of units, installation and maintenance

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03. August 2019
Brief Introduction of Pump

Pumps are machines for conveying or pressurizing fluids. It transfers the mechanical energy or other external energy of the prime mover to the liquid, which increases the energy of the liquid. The pump is mainly used to transport water, oil, acid and alkali liquid, emulsion, suspending emulsion and

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04. August 2019
Application field of pump

In the production of chemical and petroleum sectors, raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are mostly liquid, and the process of making raw materials into semi-finished products and finished products needs to go through complex processes. Pumps play a role in transporting liqui

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05. August 2019
Main Classification of Pumps

1. Volumetric pumpsThe working volume increases and decreases periodically due to the movement of the working parts, and the pressure of the liquid increases directly by the extrusion of the working parts.According to the different movement modes of moving parts, it can be divided into two categorie

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06. August 2019
Working Principle of Pump

The impeller is installed in the pump housing and fastened on the pump shaft, which is directly driven by the motor. There is a liquid pipette in the center of the pump housing. The liquid enters the pump through bottom valve and suction pipe. The liquid outlet on the pump housing is connected with

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