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Characteristics And Application Of Planetary Gear Box

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Features: Compared with the same kind of common teeth physics box, it has smooth transmission, large bearing capacity, small space, large transmission ratio, especially life. If the gear is steel, life can reach 1000Y, compact size, beautiful appearance.

Application: planetary gearbox, widely used, initially with motor, in addition to miniature deceleration motor, it is also used in office automation, smart home, production automation, medical equipment, financial machinery, game machines and other fields. Such as automatic curtains, smart toilets, lifting system, money counting machine, advertising light box and so on. Industry.

At present, the main planetary gearboxes on the market are 16MM, 22MM, 28MM. 32MM, 36MM, 42MM in diameter. They can work with motors. Their functions can achieve load torque: 50KG 1-30W load speed: 3-2000 RPM.


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