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Gear Processing

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gear accuracy

The machining accuracy of gears has an important influence on the noise of the gear system. - In general, improving the machining accuracy helps to reduce the noise of the gear system. but improve

The machining accuracy is limited by the machining cost, and the higher the initial machining accuracy is, the less obvious the noise reduction effect will be.

Among the individual gear tooth errors, the tooth profile error has the greatest influence on noise. If the shape error is large, the gear noise will be large, but the relationship between the two is not a simple linear relationship.

Tie. Because the size of the noise depends not only on the size of the tooth profile error, but also on the tooth profile shape. Experiments have shown that the slightly drum-shaped tooth shape,

Helps to reduce noise.

Regarding the influence of gear tooth backlash on noise, generally speaking, if the backlash is too small, the noise will increase sharply, while a slightly larger backlash has little effect on the noise.

Processing method

There are many methods of gear processing. Generally speaking, there is no very fixed relationship between the processing method and the gear noise, because it is also affected by the processing technology.

Generally, different processing methods will produce different tooth surface roughness, and improving the surface roughness is beneficial to reduce noise.


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