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How To Judge The Quality Of The Micro Geared Motor?

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Micro geared motors are used in a wide range of applications. For example, electric curtains will use tubular micro geared motors, automatic ear pickers will use 6mm micro geared motors, and smart locks will use micro geared motors. Although micro geared motors are widely used, many people don't know how to judge the quality of micro geared motors. Next, let me share with you this knowledge:

1. Listen to the sound of the micro geared motor, the decibel value should not be too high, and there should be no abnormal sound.

2. Check the tightness of the miniature geared motor, because there is lubricating oil in the geared motor, and the lubricating oil cannot leak out.

3. Look at the electrical parameters of the micro geared motor, for example, no leakage, no too much current,

4. Test whether the miniature geared motor can meet the working conditions. The working conditions of different products are different. For example, medical beauty products require that the micro geared motor must meet the medical environmental standards

5. The last thing is to see whether the service life of the micro geared motor meets the user's requirements


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