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Lifting Field

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-10      Origin: Site


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For 20 years, the East has never stopped providing for crane drive technology. Eastern Transmission Technology outstanding performance on the walking and lifting mechanism to win the trust of domestic and foreign customers.

Many crane manufacturers around the world have adopted parallel shaft helical gear motors, geared motors rated up to 250kw, while providing a variety of ratios according to conditions. Geared motors with different designs in the form of structure. Higher gear output torque based on the idea of creating one piece of parallel shaft, but also more compact structure to better meet the needs of lifting equipment.

DOFINE can be customized to meet their requirements reducer according to specified requirements of customers. Except by the use of helical gear reducer, parallel shaft, bevel gear and worm brought about by high efficiency, it also has other multiple advantages: high reliability operation, the output torque, axial and radial load is high, running quiet and smooth, low maintenance requirements and long service life.


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