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There Are Several Types Of Micro Reducers

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The micro reducer is a device composed of a motor and a reduction gearbox, which acts as a mechanical device that reduces speed and increases torque. There are also many names, such as geared motors, gear reducers, reducers and so on.

In addition to the many names, there are also many types of micro reducers. The friends of Kehua Precision tell you that there are several types of micro reducers

1. According to the size, there are large reducers and small reducers or micro reducers; the standard planetary gear reducers independently developed by Kehua Precision, and the miniature planetary gear reducers with diameters from 6 to 22 are all miniature reducers list of devices

2. According to the voltage, there are high-voltage micro-reducers and low-voltage micro-reducers. The 1.5-24V micro-reducers produced by Kehua Precision are all low-voltage reducers, which belong to the list of micro-reducers. High-voltage reducers are generally used for large power industrial equipment

3. According to the current, it can be divided into micro DC reducer and micro AC reducer

4. According to the transmission gear, it can be divided into: cylindrical gear reducer, worm gear reducer, harmonic reducer, bevel gear transmission reducer, cycloidal gear reducer, stepless speed regulation reducer

5. According to the shape, it can be divided into planetary gear reducer, which has a circular shape; the other is a parallel shaft spur gear reducer, which has a non-circular shape


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