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Main Characteristics of Volumetric Pump

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The main characteristics of the volume pump are as follows: 

1. The flow rate of a certain pump at a certain speed or number of reciprocating times is constant, and hardly varies with the pressure. Operating point pressure and shaft power depend on the condition of the device system connected with the pump, so when the pump runs in the condition that the discharge pipeline is not open (equivalent to the system resistance is infinite), its pressure and shaft power will increase to the extent that the pump or the prime mover will be damaged, so a safety valve must be set to protect the pump (direct action or compression of steam). Except for air-driven pumps. (2) The flow and pressure of reciprocating pumps fluctuate greatly, and corresponding measures should be taken to reduce the fluctuation; rotary pumps generally have no or only small fluctuations. (3) It has self-priming ability. After starting the pump, the air in the pipeline can be pumped out and the liquid can be inhaled. 


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