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Main Classification of Pumps

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1. Volumetric pumps

The working volume increases and decreases periodically due to the movement of the working parts, and the pressure of the liquid increases directly by the extrusion of the working parts.

According to the different movement modes of moving parts, it can be divided into two categories: reciprocating pump and rotary pump.

According to the structure of moving parts, there are piston pump and plunger pump, gear pump, screw pump, vane pump and water ring pump.

2. Impeller pump

Impeller pump is driven by the impeller liquid high-speed rotation and transfer mechanical energy to the conveyed liquid.

According to the structure characteristics of impeller and passage of pump, different impeller types can be divided into:

1) Centrifugal pump

2) axial pump

3) mixed-flow pump

4) Peripheral pump

3. Jet pump

It is a high-speed jet generated by the working fluid that ejects the fluid, and then increases the energy of the ejected fluid through momentum exchange.


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