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Selection Principle and Basic Conditions of Pump

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According to the principle of pump type selection and the basic conditions of pump type selection, the specific operation is as follows:

1. According to the layout of the device, topographic conditions, water level conditions and operation conditions, the horizontal, vertical and other types of pumps (pipeline type, diving type, submerged type, non-blocking type, self-priming type, gear type, etc.) are selected.

2. According to the nature of liquid medium, it is determined that the water pump, hot water pump or oil pump, chemical pump or corrosion-resistant pump or impurity pump, or non-clogging pump. Pumps installed in the explosion zone should adopt the corresponding explosion-proof motor according to the explosion zone grade.

3. According to the flow rate, the single suction pump or double suction pump is selected; according to the head, the single stage pump or multi-stage pump is selected, the high-speed pump or the low-speed pump (air conditioning pump), and the efficiency of multi-stage pump is lower than that of single stage pump. If the single stage pump and multi-stage pump can be used equally, the single stage pump should be selected first.


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