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What should be paid attention to when choosing a pneumatic valve

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    Pneumatic valve tension spring pressure testing machine is mainly suitable for the mechanical performance testing of pneumatic valve tension spring pressure, compression deformation, compression displacement, and compression stiffness. Generally choose a tension spring tension and compression testing machine to complete the experiment. Pneumatic valve spring pressure test mainly considers the stability and output force of the pneumatic valve.

    Choose from the stability of the valve: Choose from the stability of the regulating valve. The spring should be as hard as possible. It not only overcomes slight vibration and friction, but also allows the valve core to move freely.

    Selection of output force: Since the output force of the actuator is the total force of the actuator minus the tension and friction of the tension spring, the softer the tension spring, the greater the output force. Therefore, considering the output force, a soft tension spring (that is, a small tension spring scale) should be selected.

    Selection in terms of generalized performance: If you choose from the perspective of stability, you should choose a hard spring with a large scale; if you look at the output force, you should choose a soft spring with a small scale. The two are contradictory to each other. Be summarized and considered. Selection in special circumstances: In case of large diameter, large pressure difference, particles, etc., the selection of the spring size is satisfied by detailed calculation.


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