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Bearing Life Of Gearbox

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Statistical data show that about 50% of the faults of wind power gearbox are related to the type selection, manufacture, lubrication or use of bearings. 

At present, due to the backward technical conditions and other reasons, many of the core components of domestic MW units, such as motors, gearboxes, blades, electronic control equipment and yaw system, rely on imports, and the gearbox bearings, yaw bearings, pitch bearings and spindle bearings used in these large wind turbines are totally dependent on imports. Imported. Therefore, a more accurate bearing life calculation method is particularly important for the design of wind power gearbox.

Because of the high reliability of bearings, the service life of bearings should be no less than 130,000 hours. Because there are too many factors affecting the fatigue life of bearings, the theory of bearing fatigue life still needs to be improved. There is no unified calculation method accepted by all industries at home and abroad.


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