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The Difference Between Spur And Helical Gears

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The difference between spur and helical gears:

1. Different properties:

(1) Helical gear transmission: a common part is often used in mechanical transmission, and the gears are made of high-quality high-strength alloy steel.

(2) Spur gear transmission: a classification of gears. Second, the advantages are different.

The advantages of helical cylindrical gear transmission:

(1) Good meshing performance: The meshing process of the helical spur gear is an excessive process, and the force on the tooth surface increases from small to large, and then gradually increases from large to small; the helical spur gear is suitable for high-speed and heavy-load applications.

(2) Large degree of coincidence: The increase of the degree of coincidence improves the bearing capacity of the gear. Thereby extending the life of the gear. The degree of coincidence mainly depends on the meshing time, and the helical gear with a long meshing time and a large contact area reduces the stress. Power transmission stability and economic growth.

(3) Compact structure: the smaller the minimum number of teeth, the more compact the structure.

2. Advantages of spur gear transmission: strong bearing capacity and durable.


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