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Advantages Of The Improved Rotary Reducer

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1. The anti-loosening device is reliable, and it is not easy to loosen.

2. Increase the axial distance between the two bearings. Since the rotary support of the slewing reducer is mainly supported by the two bearings on it, the increase of the distance between the two bearings can increase the rotational stability and bearing capacity of the slewing reducer. A round nut is used to adjust the axial clearance between the two bearings, which is convenient and reliable to adjust. It can better ensure the normal operation of the rotary reducer.

3. The structure is simple, and the thread at the lower part of the spline of the output pinion is completed at one time when the output pinion is processed, and the coaxiality of the two parts is guaranteed. The standard round nut can ensure that the output pinion rotates together with the bearing and the wheel frame, so it is convenient to manufacture and install. Improvement of the anti-dropping device of the output pinion of the rotary reducer

4. Long service life. The improved anti-loosening device has been used for more than two years, and no failure of the reducer caused by the falling off of the output pinion has been found.


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