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Cycloidal Pinwheel Reducer) Lubricating Oil Use Notice

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1. The reducer must be filled with lubricating oil before use. In order to facilitate loading, unloading and transportation, the reducer before leaving the factory is generally not filled with lubricating oil.

2. Cycloidal pinwheel reducer for general use. It is recommended to use N150 extreme pressure I industry gear oil at normal temperature.

3. When the cycloid reducer works in harsh working conditions, frequent starts and stops, and high temperature or low temperature, please contact the technical department of our factory.

4. When adding lubricating oil, the oil level should be at the center of the oil mark or oil indicator.

5. Lubricating oil replacement cycle: After the initial operation of the reducer for 200 hours, the lubricating oil must be replaced for the first time, and the residual oil should be removed during replacement. After the initial oil change, the reducer that works continuously for more than 10 hours a day should be replaced every 3 months- Secondary lubricating oil.

6. The reducer that has not been used for a long time (generally more than 12 months) must be replaced with lubricating oil before reuse.

7. When refueling, unscrew the vent cap on the upper part of the reducer to refuel. When draining the oil, unscrew the oil plug on the lower part of the reducer to release the dirty oil;

8. It is not allowed to inject dirty or corrosive lubricating oil.

9. Adopting the circulating lubrication flange type tooling reducer, the oil pump should be started before use. The reducer should be started after the oil pump is working normally.


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