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A Brief Introduction of Gearbox

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Gearbox bears the force from the wind wheel and the reaction force from the gear transmission. It must have enough rigidity to bear the force and moment, prevent deformation and ensure the transmission quality. The design of gearbox body should be carried out according to the layout, processing and assembly conditions of wind turbine power transmission, and the requirements of easy inspection and maintenance. With the rapid development of the gear box industry, more and more industries and different enterprises are using the gear box, and more and more enterprises are growing in the gear box industry.

According to the modular design principle of unit structure, the gear box greatly reduces the types of components, and is suitable for large-scale production and flexible selection. The reducer spiral bevel gears and helical gears are carburized and quenched with high quality alloy steel. The hardness of the tooth surface is as high as 60 +2HRC, and the grinding accuracy of the tooth surface is as high as 5-6 grades.


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