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What are the main characteristics of power pumps?

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The main characteristics of power pump are as follows: 

1. The head of a certain pump at a certain speed has a limited value. The flow rate and shaft power at the working point depend on the condition of the device system connected to the pump (position difference, pressure difference and pipeline loss). The head varies with the flow rate (Fig. 2). 

(2) Stable operation, continuous transmission, no fluctuation of flow and pressure. 

(3) Generally, there is no self-priming ability. It is necessary to fill the pump with liquid or vacuum the pipeline before starting work. 

(4) The centrifugal pump starts when the discharge pipeline valve is closed, and the scroll pump and the axial flow pump start when the valve is fully open, so as to reduce the starting power. Centrifugal pumps are suitable for direct drive with high-speed motors and steam turbines. They have simple structure, low manufacturing cost and convenient maintenance. _The applicability of centrifugal pumps is wide. When the flow rate of centrifugal pumps is from several to hundreds of thousands of meters, the head can be from several meters to thousands of meters. Axial flow pumps are generally suitable for large flow and low head (less than 20 meters). The efficiency of centrifugal and axial-flow pumps is generally below 80%, with a high efficiency of up to 90%. _Suitable for transporting clean liquids with very low viscosity (such as clear water). Special designed pumps can transport mud, sewage, etc. or solid substances by water. Power pumps are mainly used for water supply, drainage, irrigation, flow liquid transportation, power station energy storage, hydraulic transmission and ship jet propulsion.


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