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Seven Characteristics Of Cycloid Reducer Products

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1. The transmission ratio is large. The transmission ratio is 1/6--1/87 in the first-stage deceleration. The transmission ratio in the two-stage deceleration is 1/99--1/7569; in the third-stage transmission, the transmission ratio is 1/5841--1/658503. If necessary, multi-stage combination can also be used, and the speed ratio can reach the specified large.

2. High transmission efficiency. Since the meshing part adopts rolling meshing, the general-grade transmission efficiency is 90%--95%.

3. Compact structure, small size and light weight. Compared with ordinary cylindrical gear reducer, the volume can be reduced by 2/1--2/3.

4. Fewer failures and longer life. The main transmission meshing parts are made of bearing steel, so the mechanical properties and wear resistance are good, and because of rolling friction, there are few failures and long service life.

5. Smooth and reliable operation. Due to the multi-tooth meshing in the transmission process, the operation is stable and reliable, and the noise is low.

6. Easy disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance.

7. Strong overload capacity, impact resistance, small inertia moment, suitable for frequent starting and forward and reverse rotation.


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