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Talking About The Performance And Characteristics Of Cycloid Reducer

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1. The reduction ratio is large: the - -stage reduction ratio is 1/9~1/87, and the two-stage reduction ratio is 1/121~1/5133.

2. High efficiency: The pin-tooth meshing transmission is rolling friction, and the single-stage transmission efficiency can reach more than 90%.

3. The cycloid reducer is small in size and light in weight: due to the use of the planetary transmission principle, the output shaft and the input shaft are designed on the same axis, with compact structure,

Small size and light weight.

4. Smooth operation and low noise: The number of cycloid needle teeth meshing is large, and the weight coefficient is large, so the operation is reliable and has good overload and wear resistance.

5. Small failure and long service life: The main parts are made of bearing steel, and the rolling friction is used to greatly improve the mechanical properties of the components and prolong the service life.

be extended.

6. It also has the characteristics of strong overload capacity, impact resistance and small moment of inertia. It is suitable for the occasions of starting frequency and forward and reverse rotation, and is easy to disassemble and maintain.

7. This machine is suitable for continuous working system.

8. Allow forward and reverse operation.

9. The said speed of the input shaft is 1500 rpm, and it is generally not allowed to exceed the specified speed.

10. The input shaft is not allowed to bear large axial force and light force.

11. For the cycloidal pinwheel reducer with vertical structure, its output shaft should work in a vertical position (the shaft end is downward), and generally it is not allowed to use it inclined.

12. For the reducer with horizontal structure, the output shaft should work in a horizontal position, and it is generally not allowed to use tilted.

13. The working environment is 40°C. When the ambient temperature is about 20°C, the load temperature does not exceed 80°C.

14. When the vertical reducer is used for stirring and driving on chemical containers, if the stirring shaft is too long, it is best to choose a frame with an intermediate auxiliary radial support to prevent the shaft from shaking.

Oil leak.

15. When driving, pay attention to the lubricating oil level, temperature rise, noise, shaft head oil seal, etc. of the reducer. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

16. There is no lubricating oil in the reducer from the factory. The user must add enough lubricating oil according to the regulations before driving.

17. The machine adopts oil bath lubrication, and the height of the oil level marked by the oil mark must be guaranteed.

18. The lubricating oil can be appropriately selected according to the use site and ambient temperature, and 30~50# mechanical oil should be appropriately selected, and corrosive and unclean substances should not be mixed.

19. Lubricating oil replacement cycle:

①After the first refueling operation for half a month, the new oil should be replaced; and the internal oil stains should be washed clean.

》The cycloidal pinwheel reducer that operates in a single shift shall be replaced with new oil every six months, and the reducer that operates continuously in two or three shifts shall be replaced no more than once every three months.

new oil.

③ When working in a high temperature or humid environment, the oil change interval should be shortened by half according to the above.


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