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Optimum Temperature Range For Gearbox Operation

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The common lubrication modes of gearbox include gear oil lubrication, semi-fluid grease lubrication and solid lubricant lubrication. Gear oil lubrication can be used for better sealing, high speed, high load and good sealing performance; semi-fluid grease lubrication can be used for poor sealing and low speed; and molybdenum disulfide ultra-fine powder lubrication can be used for oil prohibition or high temperature situations.

It is suggested that a lubricant thermal management system should be designed for the lubrication system of gearbox: when the temperature exceeds a certain value, the cooling system will start to work, and when the temperature is below a certain value, the heating system will start to work, and the temperature will always be controlled in the optimum range. In addition, improving the quality of lubricating oil is also an important aspect of lubrication system. Lubricant products must have excellent low-temperature fluidity and high-temperature stability, and Research on high-performance lubricants should be strengthened.



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