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Reasons And Solutions For Blue Smoke From The Engine Exhaust Of The Reducer

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1. Reasons for blue smoke: The oil enters the combustion chamber for combustion, the piston ring and the cylinder liner are not completely run-in, and the oil enters from the gap; the piston ring is glued in the groove, the cone surface of the piston ring is reversed, and the oil scraping is lost. Function: Excessive wear of the piston rings, the oil runs into the combustion chamber from the opening gap; the oil level of the oil pan is too high; too much oil in the air filter; the gas and the duct are worn, and the gap is too large.

2. Solution: The new car or the overhauled locomotive must be run in the engine according to the regulations, so that the various parts can mesh normally; see the assembly marks clearly, install the piston rings correctly; replace the qualified or oversized piston rings; check the oil pan The reason for the rise of the oil level, release the excess oil in the oil pan; reduce the oil in the filter oil pan; replace the valve guide.


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