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What Are The Structural Characteristics Of The Planetary Gear Reducer

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Planetary gearbox is also called planetary gearbox in the industry. When it comes to this name, you should know that it is used to reduce the reduction ratio of the motor and increase the torque of mechanical parts without my explanation.
Although its appearance is unremarkable, its internal appearance is very characteristic. The gear reducer is composed of a planetary gear, a sun gear, an output shaft and an inner ring gear to form a classic transmission four-piece set, which resists the motor The important task of deceleration, the planets in the sky revolve around the sun, and the planets in this gear reducer revolve around the sun, and the transmission ratio is reduced by turning like this, and the output torque is also increased. Isn’t it amazing? Woolen cloth.
The planetary gear reducer is from the input end to the output end. The gear train formed by a pair of gears meshing is called single-stage gear transmission. The number of transmission stages is 1. The gear train formed by two sets of single-stage gear transmission, its transmission The number of stages is 2, and so on. The single stage here is not the same as the number of stages of the reduction ratio. It refers to the number of sets of gearboxes. Sometimes because the transmission ratio is too large, a set of planetary gears cannot move, so it can only be increased, and the number of stages increases. If there are too many motors, the length will increase, and the efficiency will naturally decrease, and after the number of stages increases to a certain number, the reduction of the total equivalent inertia is not obvious, and from the aspects of compact structure, transmission accuracy and economy, planetary gears The number of stages of the gearbox should not be too many!


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