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Wheel Train And Gearbox

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gear wheel structure

The structure of the gear wheel body has an important influence on the noise of the gear system.

First of all, under the action of the dynamic excitation force of the gear teeth, the wheel body, as an elastic body, will generate vibration and radiate noise. Secondly, the dynamic excitation force acting on the gear teeth will be transmitted to the transmission shaft through the wheel body, and then to the bearing and the box body. Furthermore, the structure of the wheel body will also affect the transmission error of the meshing process of the gear teeth, which in turn will affect the magnitude of the dynamic excitation force. Therefore, we can reduce the noise from two aspects: reducing the noise radiation of the gear body and reducing the transmission of the vibration of the gear body.

Reduce gear body noise radiation

Generally speaking, the size of the noise is not only related to the energy of the vibration source, but also mainly determined by the radiation area. Therefore, reducing the surface area of the gear can reduce the radiation area of the noise, thereby reducing the radiation noise. In addition, the shape of the gear has a certain relationship with the noise level, for example, the thicker the gear blank and the smaller the diameter, the smaller the noise.

Reduce transmission of gear body vibration

In this regard, we can use some composite structures, or fill the middle of the gear body with vibration-attenuating materials to increase the damping effect of the gear, thereby reducing the transmission of vibration and reducing noise.


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