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Lubrication System Of Gear Box

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The lubrication system of gearbox is very important to the normal work of gearbox. Large wind turbine gearbox must be equipped with reliable compulsory lubrication system to lubricate the meshing area of gears and bearings. Insufficient lubrication accounts for more than half of the causes of gear box failure. Lubricating oil temperature is related to component fatigue and the life of the whole system. Generally speaking, the maximum oil temperature of gearbox in normal operation should not exceed 80 C, and the temperature difference between different bearings should not exceed 15 C. When the oil temperature is higher than 65 C, the cooling system starts to work; when the oil temperature is lower than 10 C, the lubricant should be heated to a predetermined temperature before starting.

In summer, because wind turbines are full-blown for a long time, coupled with direct sunshine at high altitude, the operating temperature of oil products rises above the set value; while in winter in the northeastern frigid region, the lowest temperature often reaches below 130 C, the lubricating oil in the lubricating pipeline is not flowing smoothly, and the lubrication of gears and bearings is insufficient, resulting in teeth. When the gear box shuts down at high temperature, the tooth surface and bearing wear. In addition, low temperature will also increase the oil viscosity of the gear box. When the oil pump starts, the load is heavy and the motor of the oil pump is overloaded.


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