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What Is A Gear Box And What Is Its Function?

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Gears are used to transfer power from one part of the machine to another. For example, in a bicycle, it is the power gear from the pedal to the rear wheel. Similarly, in a car, gears transfer power from the crankshaft (the rotating shaft of power from the engine) to the drive shaft running under the car, which ultimately powers the wheels. We can connect any number of gears together, and they can have different shapes and sizes. Whenever we transfer electricity from one gear to another, we can do one of two things: Gearbox bicycle gears increase speed: if you connect two gears together, the first gear is more than the second gear, The second gear must turn faster to keep up. Therefore, this arrangement means that the second wheel rotates faster than the first wheel, but with less force.


Change direction: When two gears mesh together, the second one always turns in the opposite direction. So if the first one rotates clockwise, the second one must rotate counterclockwise. We can also use special-shaped gears to turn the power of the machine through an angle. For example, in automobiles, the differential (the gearbox in the middle of the rear axle of a rear-wheel drive vehicle) uses bevel gears to turn the power of the drive shaft 90 degrees and turn the rear wheels.



Gearbox is a mechanical device used to increase/decrease torque by decelerating/increasing torque. It consists of two or more gears, one of which is driven by a motor. The output speed of the gearbox is inversely proportional to the gear ratio. Gearboxes are generally preferred in constant speed applications, such as conveyors and cranes, which can provide increased torque.


The gearbox includes a drive gear with a certain diameter, and another smaller gear gear connected to the drive mechanism (motor, wind generator, diesel engine, etc.) (if the driving speed of the driven mechanism is higher than the drive mechanism) diameter If the speed of the driven mechanism should be less than the speed of the driving mechanism) is connected to the driven mechanical load. Just the speed/torque increase/decrease or vice versa mechanism. This is a mechanical motor accessory.


Convert the motor high-speed, low-torque to low-speed and high-torque (even in X-mas, there is no idle).


low speed/high torque to high speed/low torque.


Sometimes, the "gear head" runs with a timing belt or chain with a gear ratio of 1:1 to reduce the transmission of motor vibration to the load.



A situation often overlooked-the gear head reduces the inertia of the motor, in terms of the ratio of the square of the motor's transmission ratio. E.g. If we install a gear head with a ratio of 4:1, 2000 rpm will be coordinated to 500 rpm, but the load inertia will be reduced by 16 times


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